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Welcome to the Realm of Heled!

This volume is your gateway to the lands and legends of Heled, the realm where the saga takes place. It includes details of the nations, the peoples, the myths and histories. You’ll find out what-and when-the Great Warlock Strife was, how the Arcane Order works to reclaim the lost “magicks, and what moved the dwarves to abandon song and art for a tradition of fire and battle.

Natives of Heled
On Heled, people are not just people. You will meet many unique cultures—Icatians, Dalesmen, Faerie, Lavinians, and Kannites, to name a few. On the other hand, some stock fantasy creatures do not appear—halflings, fiends, and vampires. Heled is a realm of myth and legend, and beasts of legend are historical figures. Do not expect to find dragons of different colors hoarding fortunes of gold to reward intrepid warriors. The dragons of Heled came and went, their story told, their legend immortal.

Rebuilding from disaster
Since the Warlock Strife, which disrupted society and remade the world of Heled, scholarly knowledge has grown hopelessly confused. Every journey is, therefore, one of discovery. Once-mighty civilizations lie shattered and suspicious of their neighbors. Fearful folk distrust or revile their brightest and best, Wizards, Priests and the Davidian Knights. Many cities still labor under the tyranny of the goblin-races. Clearly, the time for heroes is at hand.

Deities of Heled
Heled is ruled by six gods incarnate: Arcanus, Kane, Necros, Tyr, Settia, and Sylvara. These gods are not simply myths, or explanations of natural phenomena from a simpler time. They take an active interest in the realms of mortals. Most live in Heled, keep great palaces, and hold court to only the most worthy.supplicants. They are not all powerful. They are immortal, yet flawed. Their followers wield magic through devotion and practice, without any need for a direct appeal to their deity. In fact, some clerics do not worship a particular god at all, but can cast spells gained through fervent belief in an ideal epitomizing faith.

There are other gods, as well. Many “pagans” revere deities no living being has ever seen. The dwarves were created by the mountain twins, Krom and Dirgach, brothers of stone and flame, who raised the mountains above the earth and work the bellows of the deepest fire. Druids worship the omnipresent spirit of nature, Dana. Ashati revere a pantheon of elemental spirits – called “Djinn” – which can be appealed to for assistance and good fortune.

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