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Saint Immotion is a minor religious figure, a goddess of cleansing and purity. A servant of Arcanus in life, she experienced nine illuminations that led to her apotheosis to divinity. These illuminations define the divine path to Arcanus.

  1. The Deception at the Fountain
  2. The Garden in the Storm
  3. The Encounter with the Drake
  4. Immotion’s Flowers
  5. The Astrologer (Wherein Immotion met a sage who was also an astrologer on Mystral, Isle of the Magisters. The sage’s words prompted Immotion to spend a day in prayer and fasting, wherein the tamarind tree was illuminated as Arcanus’ symbol)
  6. The Feast at Auldthorne
  7. The Incantation
  8. The Mirror and the Sepulchre
  9. The Doves

As the patron of Shardea Brightdelve, Immotion is venerated by the Spellknights. Quinn has sworn himself to the Saint’s service.


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