Wicked Nobleman and Cultist of Settia


Calum was one of two dinner guests unknown (and not introduced) to the Mystralite Delegation when they were coerced into meeting with Baron Sigurd Bevil at his manor in Murron.

Calum later used dark magic to assault Quinn, Moria, and Marshall Aldnys as the junior delegates attempted to escape. Aldnys was incapacitated before Quinn could bring the nobleman down. At Moria’s suggestion, the paladin bound and stabilized Calum, in case they needed to question him. Searching through his possessions, they discovered a symbol associated with the demi-goddess Settia.

Quinn and Moria never got the chance to question the cultist, as escape from Murron took precedent. They left him bound and unconscious beside the senseless Marshall Aldnys.

. . .

The heroes later saw Calum’s body hanging from a gibbet on the King’s Road, a participant of the nation’s justice system.


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