Marshal Aldnys

Dutiful Commander of Murron's Soldiers


Quinn and Moria met the marshall on their way to Domglund. He issued an “invitation” to meet with Baron Sigurd Bevil, which the heroes were forced to accept. After the junior delegates volunteered to help out with a local matter – en route to the meeting – Aldnys offered them his assistance once their business with the baron was concluded.

When Quinn and Moria escaped from the manor after Baeren was removed to the village, they encountered Aldnys at the edge of the earthworks. The man offered to guide them to the edge of the fief nearest to Domglund, but he was unable to follow through on this when he was poisoned by Lord Calum – a Settite in the baron’s court. After defeating the cultist, the junior delegates were forced to flee, leaving Aldnys to his fate.

Marshal Aldnys

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