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Heled is akin to the Late Medieval period of Europe:

  • Commonly encountered items, nonetheless considered “modern” inventions include: garment buttons, glass mirrors, heavy crossbows, horseshoes, hopped beer, hour glasses, iron-shod ploughs, longbows, mechanical looms, paper, ship rudders, spinning wheels, spurs, wheelbarrows, and wine presses.
  • Radically new inventions rarely seen by the common person include: “draigfyre” (an alchemical substance used in dwarven artillery), the dwarven blast furnace, faerie silk, feyblades, halberds, mechanical clocks, oil paint, and plate armor.
  • Technology that has not been invented yet at all includes: astrolabe navigation, European-style rapiers (it’s a retcon, but I’m migrating the rapier stats to the elven feyblade), movable type printing, and renaissance pole-arms.

Sea Technology

  • Lavinians are the outstanding shipwrights, and their most advanced merchant vessel or warship design is the dromond, as I said above. Trireme galleys are extraordinary, and they are colossal building projects only Her Royal Majesty the Sultanah is wealthy enough to commission for her flagships. The typical Lavinian galley is crewed by 100 to 200 individuals, on average.
  • Hammadi dhows are coastal merchant vessels requiring between twelve and thirty crew members. Dhows may have up to three lateen sails.
  • A felucca is a vessel used for fishing and cabotage, requiring only three crewmembers to man, and supporting up to ten passengers, or approximately 2,000 lbs of cargo.
  • On Midhjard (the western continent), longships and cogs are the most advanced seafaring vessels. Longships are identical to their real world counterparts: shallow draft, double ended, fast, single masted vessels. Cogs are decked vessels with a single square rig and flat bottom hulls. Modern cogs have stern rudders and can support rowing crews, but are principally designed for tacking. Outfitted for battle, a cog can support a sterncastle and bowcastle. The cog requires between ten and fifteen sailors to man without a bank of rowers.

Technology of Heled

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