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Goal: Serve St. Immotion, Mystral, and the Arcane Order as soldiers, explorers, and advisors.

Size: Tiny. Since Shardea only accepts the best, there are only seven Spellknights at present.

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Philosophy: “Arcane magic is the most powerful force in the world entire. Serve those who wield it, and help them to use it for good.”

History: After becoming the Arcane Order’s Sword Arm, Shardea found that she couldn’t be everywhere at once. She founded the Spellknights to remedy that; anyone who makes it through her training earns her trust and the right to speak on her behalf.

Leadership: Shardea Brightdelve has led the Spellknights since founding the group, and has no intention of stepping down any time soon – there is too much work to do.

Headquarters: The Spellknights are based in the Arcane Order’s citadel, Mathghamhna.

Membership Requirements: All Spellknights are paladins sworn to St. Immotion, a minor saint of purity and cleansing who served Arcanus in life. Shardea has trained all current members herself, but might accept outsiders, should they prove worthy. She chooses squires based on their potential, and does not discriminate by race or gender.

Activities: Mystral’s defense is largely left to spellswords and battle mages, so Spellknights are frequently called upon for adventure and exploration. Since they have Shardea’s trust – and, through her, the Arcane Order’s – they have some measure of autonomy on these missions.

Enemies: The Spellknights save their greatest wrath for those who wield arcane magic for evil purposes.


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