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Master infiltrators, minions of Settia may lurk within every shadow and behind every false smile. They are the sowers of discord, mistrust, and paranoia. Their venom may find its way into your cup, or else it will be poured into your ear as unwise counsel.

Aims and Goals

Settites have varied agendas. Settites are only loosely organized, and are so secretive that their own members are often unaware of each others’ true allegiances. It is known that Settia is a weak deity, who is indiscriminate with her machinations.

In 1378 CE, an accursed plague threatened the Duchy of Domia in the Kingdom of Icatia, largely orchestrated by the Cult of Settia in a temporary alliance with the Bleak Academy of Necromancers. However, the Bleak Academicians were betrayed beneath the sewers of Dashport by their Settite allies, who had lured the Academicians into the presence of their dark demi-goddess in order to slay them and steal from them a powerful tome of magic, the Grimorium.

The Settites’ purpose for the Grimorium is unclear, besides the potential power that comes with any eldritch knowledge. The cult has made multiple attempts to obtain the tome, as well as other maps and manuscripts penned by the Hammaddin sage Hama bint Alifazzah.


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