Regions of Heled

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Eastern Heled

  • Al-Hammaddi (a vast realm encompassing a sub-tropical northern coastline, great weathered mountain ranges, hot and marshy river valleys, a cold and dry steppe plateau, and a hyper-arid desert of unknown size to the south).
  • Lavinia (an archipelago of warm and fertile island-nations of varying size)
    • Balearaeos
      • Corsair Academy
      • Koritsi kai Kalukas
    • Protea
      • Eidothea
      • Niesa Sidierou
  • Malecor (a harsh and brutal volcanic island, where salt pans and rocky plains dominate the otherwise craggy, actively erupting, mountainous terrain)

Western Heled

  • The Dalelands
    • Invershire
  • Faerie
  • Icatia
    • Domglund
    • Bournedowne
    • Jalstei
  • Mystral
    • Mathghamhna

Regions of Heled

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