One eyed hound

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Kannites are savages. The One-eyed Hound rules his cancerous island with a bloody maw, not an iron fist, and his followers share his ravenous hunger. They are cruel and monstrous, taking delight in the pain and suffering of others. There are no underhanded plots or scheming amongst the minions of Kane, the Dog God. Whatever else they may be, they are exactly what they seem, reckless hate-fueled marauders.

Aims and Goals

Kane’s minions want only what Kane himself wants… which is all that they lay their manic, blood-shot eyes upon. In the perpetual struggle for survival on the island of Malecor, minions of Kane seek to achieve any advantage over their brethren.

One of Kane’s most sought after relics was a part of his own body, his left eye, cut from his head in an epic battle with Tyr, “The Defender”. This relic contains the essence of one of the ancient Igigi, which empowered Settia to elevate herself to divine status, and has been lost to the legions of Kane for over three centuries. The origins of this relic are so shrouded in confusion that many attribute its origin to Settia herself.


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