Tag: Female


  • Nyleth

    Height: 4’10”
    Weight: 80 lbs.
    Age: 65 (at least that's as much as she can count outside of Faerie)
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Blonde
    Skin: Tanned

    *DESCRIPTION* bq). “Oh! Hello!” she responded brightly in the …

  • Guild Wizard Meloedy

    Moria and Quinn met Guild Wizard Meloedy at the Arcane Order Outpost located in the capitol of Icatia. She informed them that they were transporting one of the legendary _Mantlestones_ and that they would need to deliver it to a location in the Southern …

  • Lady Anell

    Moria and Quinn met Lady Anell (for whom they were searching) during the Drujji attack upon the Scarlet Bard Inn. The refugee noblewoman tearfully told them that she had been held by Drujji for the last three days, and that a [[:dark-magus]] had stolen …

  • Sana bin Sadri al-Ghalani

    Moria and Quinn first encountered Sana (along with [[:anell]]) in a room at the Scarlet Bard Inn, where she was fending off a pair of _Drujji_. The heroes lent their assistance, slaying one of the men and capturing the other. Sana remained quiet during …

  • Pastanti

    [[:emo | Moria]] and [[:quinn | Quinn]] met Pastanti at the Koritsi kai Kalukas in Balearaeos. At first she only served them drinks and food, but when [[:agnolo | Agnolo]] insulted Quinn's honor, the tipsy Dalesman declared that he would fight to prove …

  • Female Settite Cultist

    The heroes only caught a brief glimpse of this cultist before she disappeared with the only surviving copy of the Grimorium of Ali-Fazzah, which had been stolen by men hired by [[:muhtaa]] two days before. Quinn and Nima gave chase, but she disappeared …