Sinor Varnskerarth

Dwarven Smuggler


Moria, Quinn, and Gil met Sinor in Jalstei. The Mystralites sought the man out hoping to learn more about Lady Kenneth, and Gil had been sent to work for the dwarf by Methos Shane. The smuggler explained that his latest cargo – a trio of women dressed as Easterlings, though two of them had looked Icatian – had not arrived when they were scheduled to. Together, the foursome made their way to the Scarlet Bard Inn in Bournedowne, the last place the women were known to have been.

Sinor was stabbed in the back and poisoned by Ras during the Drujji attack on the Scarlet Bard Inn the same night, though he recovered from the attempt on his life.

Sinor Varnskerarth

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