Sana bin Sadri al-Ghalani

Mysterious Easterling in Service to Lady Anell


Sana is a young maid of the Ghalani tribe. She is a desert Badawi and, typical of her people, dark of complexion and small of frame, with a lean face, large brown eyes, and coarse black hair braided tightly to her head. She wears a hauberk of stiffened camel hide over her priestly gown and observes the customs of the devout Ashati, who wear gloves, cowls, and veils of silk when outdoors, regardless of season. Sana wears an ornate curved jambiya dagger sheathed at her abdomen in a wide embroidered belt to indicate her high birth. Her weapon of choice is the scimitar.


Moria and Quinn first encountered Sana (along with Lady Anell) in a room at the Scarlet Bard Inn, where she was fending off a pair of Drujji. The heroes lent their assistance, slaying one of the men and capturing the other. Sana remained quiet during their interview with Anell, who revealed that the warrior woman did not speak Icatian.

The heroes learned of the Drujji – thieves, murderers, and spies who serve the demi-goddess Settia – from Sana.

She was sent by Ser Methos Shane to help Anell and Aylissa escape Estwich after things went south in Dashport.

Sana bin Sadri al-Ghalani

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