Sigelred Rauff

Icatian Knight in Service to Lady Murray


Quinn and Moria met Ser Sigelred Rauff at the Scarlet Bard in Bournedowne while investigating the disappearance of the passengers Sinor was supposed to escort for Methos Shane. When the Mystralites attempted to question a Hammaddin patron and the language barrier thwarted them, the knight interceded, seeking to get to the heart of the matter. The adventurers explained their intention and concerns, and Ser Sigelred spoke to the Hammaddin – in his own tongue – to get the Easterling’s story. He decided that both parties, as well as the innkeeper, would be taken before his lady for the matter to be decided once and for all.

Gil met the knight right after that and was taken into custody along with his companions, although he argued at length against this development.

Sigelred Rauff

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