Drujji Agent Arrested by Sigelred Rauff


Moria and Quinn met Ras in the tavern of the Scarlet Bard Inn, though they did not learn the man’s name until Gil questioned him in the barracks. He had the misfortune of being in the corner of the room when the Mystralites began their questions regarding the missing Lady Anell.

When Sigelred Rauff inserted himself into the situation, Ras was taken into custody so that Lady Murray might determine the truth of the matters in question. When Gil spoke with the man, he insisted that he and his brother were waiting for women matching the descriptions of those sought by the adventurers on behalf of the Countess Dexter and Ser Methos Shane.

Ras stabbed Sinor Varnskerarth in the back, poisoning him, during the Drujji attack, and was subsequently put to the sword by Ser Sigelred Rauff.



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