Muhtaa ibn Abud al-Fi

Sleazy Merchant Peddling Slaves in the Colosseum of Al-Jebail


A Hammaddin man, slight of frame but strongly muscled. He wore a studded leather jerkin and sandals, and though he emerged to greet them, his demeanor was in no way welcoming.


The heroes first met Muhtaa in the bowels of the Colosseum in Al-Jebail. Arad Azlur had confessed that the man had hired him to steal the cargo from Hada ar-Ri bint Mee’in including the last surviving copy of the Grimorium of Ali-Fazzah.

When they came under attack by the goblins in the dungeons, Muhtaa attempted to get to the tome and escape only to discover that the leopards caged in the chamber where the stolen goods were stored had been set free.

He has been turned over to Hada for questioning about the Settites who put him up to the theft in the first place.

Muhtaa ibn Abud al-Fi

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