Methos Shane

Mysterious Icatian Noble


Moria and Quinn met Sir Methos Shane in Balearaeos as the noble completed his business with the dwarf Sinor. The wizard relayed Joram Param’s regards and cryptic message to the man. They spoke briefly with Methos before Quinn’s Duello with Agnolo, then parted ways – but not before the young lord had invited them to visit his villa outside the city.

Upon their return to Balearaeos – with Nyleth in tow – they took Methos up on that offer, and exchanged information with him. They agreed to seek out Joram Param who was supposedly in Al-Hammaddi, which was where their search for Alyssa had led them anyway. Methos supplied them with enchanted equipment, supplies, and the use of his ship The Wyvern to transport them to the Hammaddin city of Al-Jebail.

Methos Shane

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