Guild Wizard Meloedy

Administrator for the Arcane Order Outpost in the Capitol of Icatia


The group was greeted by a middle-aged woman with long, straight black hair, streaked with grey, who introduced herself as Guild Wizard Meloedy. Moria and Quinn each inclined their heads respectfully.

From The Crossing


Moria and Quinn met Guild Wizard Meloedy at the Arcane Order Outpost located in the capitol of Icatia. She informed them that they were transporting one of the legendary Mantlestones and that they would need to deliver it to a location in the Southern Duchy of Domia. She also informed them that the Outpost in Domglund would be closing, with Guild Wizard Asmus secretly relocating his people – via the Mantlestone – to a location in the Viscounty of Kent.

Guild Wizard Meloedy

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