Guild Wizard Kenryk

A Wizard of Mystral


A middle-aged human male, Kenryk does not look like a wizard. He keeps his face clean-shaven, and prefers to wear drab, earth-colored clothes.

Kenryk grew up in Cammerloun, in western Icatia, the son of Korthan actors. He left that city when King James II decreed that actors were subject to Cammerloun’s Entertainers’ Guild, stowing away on a ship bound for Mystral. A skilled beggar, he plied his trade in the wharf district of Afalrych until the College of Wizardry held an Apprentice Day there. Kenryk’s boldness and cleverness got him to Mathghamhna, where he passed the Trial by Needle, and became a full-fledged Guild Wizard after four years as an initiate.

Eight years ago, Kenryk’s party was ambushed by goblins while passing through Cashiell Forest on his way to Faerie. He was captured by Dalesmen in Invershire, but escaped with the aid of Quinn Mac Teague. Once his business in Sheilevale was done, Kenryk took Quinn with him to Glenshiele, through Korthos, and across the sea to Mystral.

Kenryk now owns three hundred acres in Bewyldyne, north of Mathghamhna, where he serves the people of the shire as a representative of the Arcane Order.

Kenryk’s sole regret is that, when he left Cammerloun, he never told his parents goodbye. To this day, Quinn has no idea what business Kenryk had in Faerie.

Guild Wizard Kenryk

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