Maestro Kallusis

Maestro of the Corsair Academy in Balearaeos


A tall lean Lavinian man of about fifty years in a scarlet velvet surcoat over black tunic and leggings, with twin curving sabres at his hips.


Quinn and Moria met Maestro Kallusis at the gates of the Corsair Academy in Balearaeos. The Mystralites had come to the academy to find out more about the “penton” – the ritual dueling arena in which the spellknight would fight his challenger, the Corsair cadet Agnolo. The maestro proved a genteel host, conversing Quinn about the Code Duello and even warning him about Agnolo’s pride and the power of the man’s family. He suggested that should the Dalesman be forced to kill Agnolo, his relatives would likely seek vengeance.

Maestro Kallusis

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