Joram Param

Flamboyant Guildmaster of Entertainers


As he drew closer, they could see that the man appeared to be a human in his mid-thirties, with dark curly unkempt hair and two days of salt-and-pepper beard growth. His visage was pale, lined, and dour, yet bright blue eyes peered out from under his black curls with an air of whimsy. He was dressed in the finery of a gentleman, a violet sash clipped to his surcoat, and he carried a weathered black leather satchel.

From On the Road.


Moria and Quinn met Joram Param on the Golden Highway between the capital and Domglund. The eccentric Guildmaster of Entertainers informed the delegation from Mystral that he was on a “secret mission” and offered them a number of warnings, requesting only that they not mention having encountered him on the road. Then, he rode away with a final request for them to give Sir Methos Shane his regards, should they encounter the man.

Joram Param

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