Guild Wizard Baeren


Upon being accepted to study in Mathghamhna Echo Moria’s afternoon’s were spent learning the arts of sorcery from his master, Guild Wizard Baeren of Huldrefenn. Mogen Wym insightfully paired him with a magi equally tragic and forelorn. A gnome of Nordelonde who was the new head of the College of Illusion, Baeren was an able instructor who saw in Echo a brilliant mind and a talent for the shadow arts. Baeren had no family, who were lost to Troll raiders twelve years prior to his entry into the Order. He has not returned to Huldrefenn since and would frequently ask after Echo’s family, urging him always to cherish them and correspond as often as he could.

It was Baeren who urged Moria to return to Faerie to see his family before his work for the Arcane Order began in earnest.

Baeren led the delegation from Mystral responsible for transporting the Mantlestone to Icatia. He accompanied the Mantlestone to the manor of Baron Sigurd Bevil while Quinn and Moria assisted Marshall Aldnys in helping the Taiver family.

Baeren was removed from his room in the manor in the night by Frederick, and relocated to the village. From there, he magically communicated his orders for Quinn and Moria to seek help from Shardea Brightdelve in Domglund.

Guild Wizard Baeren

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