Guild Wizard Asmus

Administrator for the Arcane Order Outpost in Domglund


Quinn and Moria met Asmus at the Domglund Outpost of the Arcane Order. They informed him of the theft of the Mantlestone, the abduction of Master Baeren, and of their own escape from the manor house of Baron Sigurd Bevil. The Guild Wizard magically contacted Shardea Brightdelve and apprised her of the situation.

The next morning, Asmus reported that the cultists had been removed – permanently – from Baron Sigurd Bevil’s court, Baeren and the Mantlestone had been recovered, and the rescue party were en route back to Dexter House. He lent them ponies and gave Moria a letter to deliver to Sylvnan, a member of the Viscount’s household.

Guild Wizard Asmus

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